QUENCH! Biodiesel

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Starting as of the date of this Agreement, BioGREEieselGuys, hereafter called the Supplier, agrees to supply B-100 Biodiesel Fuel in refillable 5 gallon containers to the representative of the retail operation identified below, hereafter called the Owner.  These conditions are subject to updating and changing upon notification to the Owner.

1.                        System Set Up:             The Supplier provides the following:

Retail Stand, assembled, that holds up to sixteen 5-gallon Jugs of  B-100 Biodiesel.

                       “QUENCH! Biodiesel Sold Here” full color Marketing Sign, to be installed at an agreed upon location, visible to the public, and handouts and brochures for the public. This retail operation will be listed on the www.DoctorBioDiesel.com and other relevant websites for customers to find this product. These items remain the property of BioGREEieselGuys and are to be returned upon termination of this sales agreement.

        2.            5-gallon Jugs:                The Supplier initially provides                       yellow, 5-gallon Jugs filled with B-100 Biodiesel at the wholesale price of                     each. Jugs are complete with pour spouts, caps and package labels. The Supplier will take back for cleaning and refilling used jugs that are returned from Customers. The Owner shall receive a credit for each jug returned, at the then current 5-gallon Jug price, provided that:

a.)        Cap, ring, spout and label are attached. If any of these items are missing, a reduction in credit of $1 per missing item will be subtracted from the amount due.

b.)                The jugs are whole and in reusable condition, i.e. no holes or spilled paint, etc.

c.)                The return jugs are placed on the Supply Stand in place of jugs sold.

        3.              Biodiesel Fuel: All biodiesel from the Supplier is ASTM certified, EPA registered B-100 fuel, suitable for the intended uses.  Documentation is available on request.  All Massachusetts and U.S. fuel taxes are prepaid by the Supplier. The Owner is responsible for applicable sales tax, if any.

4.                           Scrip (Gift Certificates):           The Supplier agrees to provide 5 gallons of biodiesel fuel for each valid scrip received from any customers, plus a $2.00 handling fee per scrip.

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For the Owner:                                                                                   Date:                                      


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