BioDiesel recycling from Waste Vegetable Oil  (WVO) is a 4.5 billion gallon, 25 billion dollar per year heretofore untapped industry that could create, with the right marketing strategy, local green jobs, environmental cleanup and local tax revenues.

Never before has there been such a convergence of (1) political and grass roots will,
(2) Government Financial Incentives subsidies up to $75% and (3) Super-Cost Effective Technology to result in a national Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) recycling->to->renewable BioDiesel program that is best suited to ‘community scale’ (1,000 gal/per/day) local, independent and decentralized ‘cooperatives’ but cohesive  program that would immediately create green jobs and have a very positive environmental impact. Never has there been a similar convergence to result in a program that is ‘sustainable’ and ‘Does Good By Doing Well’.

Never before has a comprehensive plan including, Individual and Community involvement at the  Government, School & Social organizations level as well as the commercial level included standardized branding applied to wholesale and retail  Sales, Marketing, Advertising Acquisition, Distribution, Accounting and web-interfaced data entry and U.S. Govt. FORM processing for all these components.
Nation-wide Branding of QUENCH! SLIME is essential to ‘model’ a 200 restaurant-count  ‘territory’ into a local, independent, decentralized ‘McDonalds-Like’ national BioDiesel Recycling Organization comprising of 10,000 independent cooperatives.

Never before has there been such a need to develop 'clean renewable energy'
Industries that  can create immediate  local green jobs, tax revenues and positive environmental impacts.

This is a “Shovel Ready” project creating 100,000 new green jobs.