Five (5) Point plan for a QUENCH! 'SLIME' BioDiesel Independent Cooperative  for the: Acquisition,  Distribution,  Sales,  Marketing and  Accounting for 10,000 PHYTO-TRONS.

  1. Acquisition

    1. Commercial – Restaurants, Food Frying facilities (and/or Virgin Agricultural feedstock.

      For commercial acquisition a special marketing approach is the commitment that ten percent (10%) of profits from converting the Fryer Grease is specifically earmarked for the building of a Zero Energy Home (ZEH) for a returning disabled veteran through the ‘habitats for humanity’ program.

    2. Residential - Schools, Churches, VFW, AMvets, Rotary, Elks, etc.

      For every one (1) gallon of Restaurant Fryer Grease, there is nine (9) gallons in the
      surrounding residential community.  But in such small increments, a special marketing
      approach called 'Green School Bucks'.  Green School Bucks are U.S. Dollars rebated to the school for the Waste Vegetable Oil brought from home by the school children for recycling.
      Green School Bucks are specifically earmarked for any environmental activity the school deems fit, including green field trips, green project materials, green conservation programs, Green Job Training Programs and renewable energy equipment, i.e.  Solar Panel, Solar Hot Water, Wind, etc.

  2. Distribution

    1. Commercial – Fleets, Construction Sites, Gas Stations, Govt. Entities

      1. BioDiesel should not directly compete with the daily fluctuating price of the refined,
        Gas-station-delivered, form of Diesel.  A special marketing niche exploits BioDiesel’s
        unique property of having 30 times (30 X) the lubricating ability than refined Diesel.
        Positioning the BioDiesel as a Lubricating Additive achieves a ‘value added’ component which effectively doubles the value to $5.00 per gallon from competing with $2.50 per Gallon diesel.

      2. As a Lubricating additive and Diesel engine cleaner, a specific regiment of mixing
        20% BioDiesl to the refined diesel for the first 700 miles and then a 1% mixture for the
        remaining life of the Diesel engine for a complete ‘rejuvenation’ of a Diesel Motor.

      3. Government  &  School districts are prime consumers because these entities are
        legislatively mandated to purchase up to 15% of their energy from renewable sources
        and to ‘buy locally’ if at all possible.

    2. Retail Store Sales

      Guaranteed to be the highest ASTM standard BioDiesel, as recognized by the
      brand label QUENCH! SLIME, this product can be sold in 1 gallon bottles for $5.00 per gallon,
      allowing a margin of $2.50 per gallon to the retailer and $2.50 to the producer.

  3. Sales

    1. Brochures – Schools, Restaurants, Govt. Agencies, Fleets, Retail Display.

    2. Posters – Wall posters identifying the participation with the

      1. Community  Environmental Clean Up
      2. School Green Bucks Program
      3. ZEH (Zero Energy Home) building program for a returning Veteran

    3. Mailers –Residential mailer indicating ‘drop off’ points for WVO.

    4. TV advertising – Using the Internet URL, Twenty (20) promo’s of
      Fifteen (15) seconds directs the Television viewer to the QUENCH! web site.
       20 ‘promo spots’ cost only $500.00 to reach all of Northern Arizona, for example.

    5. Internet Advertising

      Sponsored by 4EverGreen13_TVshow and combined with’s
      Green Broadcasting Network of one-hundred (100} YouTube-like video servers and ten (10) channels broadcasting 24/7/365, the internet reach is instantaneous and maximized nationally and to 138 countries.

  1. Marketing & Branding QUENCH! SLIME) - QUENCH! SLIME

    Each segment of this proposal has been considered for its unique ‘brandability’ contribution to the consumer’s comfortability that QUENCH! SLIME  is nationally qualified and standardized to not only ‘do what it claims’ at a fair price, but also, contributes to the ‘environmental good’ and

    ‘local community service’, i.e. School Green Bucks program, Veteran built ZEH home, Green Jobs Training & hiring programs, environmental clean-up,  etc.

  2. Accounting

    Integrating and filling out and processing of U.S. Govt. Green Incentive FORMS that result in over 75% Government Financial Assistance has been automated so that the QUENCH! SLIME Co-operatives can log onto the QUENCH! Cooperative's own account through the internet and ALL FORMS and specific ACCOUNTING, i.e. Data input screens are presented for easy and automated processing. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and annual reports are electronically generated, processed and archived into a Search, Sort & Report computer program already developed and running at: